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October 26, 2022 6 min read

The use of botanicals in mainstream medicine has been rising in recent years, with several herbal and plant-based remedies hitting the market.

Among these, black seed oil is something that is quickly gaining popularity.

Though the healthbenefits of black seed oil have been known for a long time, many of us don’t even have a clue about what black seed oil really is!

3 Proven Benefits of Black Seed Oil

3 Proven Benefits of Black Seed Oil 

So, What is Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil is extracted from the seeds ofNigella sativa, a botanical that has beenused forhundreds of years to treat a number of illnesses and ailments. This plant, is small in size and can be recognized among other things by its flowers which can be blue, white, or even a shade of purple.

The seeds of Nigella sativa are not just used medicinally but are also used to season food, add to bread, and to enhance flavors much the same way as herbs like oregano. The plant is native to various parts of the world which include Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Western Asia.


3 Proven Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil Benefits

Black seed oil offers arange of benefits.

These include:

  • support in combating cancer
  • speeding up the process of wound healing
  • supporting liver and kidney function
  • fighting hypertension and diabetes

Though the benefits of black seed oil are many, we’re going to focus on the three we feel are among the most pertinent.        


3 Proven Benefits of Black Seed Oil


The Components of Black Seed Oil

Before diving into the benefits of black seed oil, it helps to know a little bit about the differentactive ingredientspresent in black seed oil.

First are the acids.As perasource published by the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information);Thirty-two fatty acids (99.9%) have been identified in the fixed oil. The major fatty acids were linoleic acid (50.2%), oleic acid (19.9%), margaric acid (10.3%), cis-11,14-eicosadienoic acid (7.7%) and stearic acid (2.5%).

Several benefits associated with black seed oil are only present due to the existence of these fatty acids and the effects they have on different parts of the body.  

Apart from the fatty acids, another ingredient worth mentioning is thymoquinone. Over the course of this blog, we’re going to tell you about how all these components contribute to better health.

Black Seed Oil for Digestion

When it comes toblack seed oil benefits for digestion, the star component isthymoquinone – a naturally occurring drug with a range of applications. The benefits that black seed oil offers for digestion due to the presence of this substance include relief from the following:

Stomach cramps
Black seed oil helps with digestion


Apart from this, black seed oil also acts as a safeguard against more serious conditions like colon cancer and liver degeneration and damage. This is due to a combination of the anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and cell fortifying properties of black seed oil.

A daily regulated dose of black seed oil would be extremely beneficial to your digestive system in the long term, whether or not you struggle from any complications associated with the same.  

Black Seed Oil Benefits for Skin

The presence of linoleic, oleic, and stearic acid in black seed oil are the reason why it is so beneficial for the skin.


Bothlinoleic and oleic acids possess anti-inflammatory properties. Due to their presence, black seed oil if topically applied is soothing to the skin and can help reduce acne. Linoleic acid in particular has the ability to moisten and hence soften theskin’s naturally produced protective substance –sebum.

Acne is acondition where the glands that produce sebum becomeclogged. By softening the layer of sebum and decreasing the formation of clogged pores, black seed oil is an effective remedy for acne.  

Strengthening Skin Barrier

The acids within black seed oil also help to strengthen the skin barrier. Both oleic and linoleic acids are known to enhance cell integrity and this holds true for epidermal or skin cells as well. This improves both the elasticity and the overall softness of the skin.  

Further, the components of black seed oil also help protect the skin against environmental factors like dryness and damage due to ultra violet rays from sunlight.


Black seed oil helps support healthy hair and skin


The linoleic acid within black seed oil also helps keep skin cells hydrated. By strengthening the skin barrier, black seed oil helps ensure thatless water is lost due to what is known astrans-epidermal water loss.

Stearic acid is also helpful in keeping the skin hydrated, moisturized, and fresh.


Black seed oil facilitates healing once again due to the properties of the acids within. Oleic acid in particular is known to speed up the process of wound healing and can have a calming and balancing effect on the skin.

Apart from boosting skin repair, this acid is also effective against conditions like eczema as well as conditions like psoriasis.

Overall Aesthetic

In ensuring your skin is protected, well hydrated, and healthy, black seed oil helps add that beautiful fresh glow to your skin.

Whether you use black seed oil as part of your skincare regimen or takeblack seed oil supplements, chances are, you’ll be doing wonders for the way your skin appears and feels.

Black Seed Oil Benefits for Hair

The fatty acids within black seed oil, oleic and linoleic in particular, don’t just do wonders for your skin. They do wonders for your hair as well!

Apart from facilitating the absorption of other useful nutrients by the scalp, black seed oil also enhances hair follicle development and hence hair growth.

The moisturizing and hydrating affects of black seed oil may also help reduce dandruff, improve hair volume, and prevent hair loss.

BlackSeedOilBenefits forMen

The main ways in which black seed oil can be beneficial for men apart from those mentioned above include:

Improving Sperm Count

According toresearch, men suffering from an abnormal sperm count treated with the use of black seed oil showed more improvement in the same than the control group. Blackseed oil is a recommended remedy when it comes to treating infertility.

Prostate Health

Besides improving sperm count, black seed oil also helps maintain and improve overall prostate health.Studies show that black seed oil, due to its healing and anti-inflammatory as well as its anti-oxidative properties, helps prevent several age-associated diseases of the prostate and urinary tract.

Apart from this, it can also be a preventative agent when it comes to prostate cancer.

Sexual Ability

Thoughresearch in this area is limited, there is some indication that black seed oil may be beneficial to men suffering with erectile disfunction. Apart from what research suggests, the fact that black seeds or cumin seeds are used in some parts of the world as aphrodisiacs suggest that their ability to enhance sexual ability is more than just a myth.



Black Seed Oil


BlackSeedOilBenefits forWomen

Though there is speculation over thebenefits of black seed oil for women in particular, once again, research in this area is limited.

Though the general benefits of black seed oil such as improved skin, hair, digestion, and overall health do apply,there are also some alleged benefits that black seed oil offers which are specific to women.

These include use as birth control, facilitation of the menstrual cycle, and even to help increase the flow of breast milk.

It is, however, extremely important to remember that if you are a lactating mother, you shouldn’t start on a course of any supplements, black seed or otherwise, without first consulting your physician or a specialist.

How toUseBlackSeedOil

Black seed oil can be used in a number of different ways. You can add black seed oil to your hair or skincare routine by applying it topically or mixing it with other ingredients and products.

If you’re more interested in thegastrointestinal benefits of black seed oil as well as other health benefits including those to your skin and hair, black seed oil supplements might be a good idea.

You canbuy black seed oil supplements  right here in our online store.



Black Cumin Seed Oil



Can You Take Black Seed Oil on an Empty Stomach?

As with most herbal supplements, taking black seed oil on an empty stomach is not harmful. However, in most cases, unless advised otherwise by a physician or qualified fitness professional, it is always better to take your supplements before or after a meal.

In Conclusion

Black seed oil offers a range of other benefits that we have not even mentioned in this blog and like other herbal alternatives, black seed oil supplements are also contributing to better health in the long term.

On the whole, herbal alternatives are gentler yet just as effective, so if you’re someone who is looking for a way to improve digestion, improve the way your skin looks, or even combat hair loss, black seed oil supplements are certainly something you might want to explore! 


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