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August 01, 2022 6 min read

If you’ve come across this blog as a result of something you looked up on Google, chances are, you’re already well aware of the importance of your kidneys.

Before we proceed to give you pointers abouthow to keep kidneys healthy, let’s just skim overwhy your kidneys are so important in the first place.  

Your kidneys play a vital role in processes which include:  

  • Balancing body fluids 
  • Secreting blood pressure regulating hormones 
  • InfluencingRBC production 
  • Producing active/absorbable vitamin D thus promoting healthy bone development and health 
  • Waste product removal from body  
  • Removal of impurities like drugs from the system  

How to Support Normal Kidney Function 

How to Support Normal Kidney Function

Unfortunately, factors such as a person’s age, lifestyle, and even genetic makeup can account for the development ofchronic kidney disease. Further, people who suffer from diabetes orhigh blood pressure may also be included in the high-risk category.  

What Are the First Signs of Kidney Problems?  

There are a number ofsigns that point to kidney problems. The severity of these symptoms depends on the stage of kidney disease that a person is at. Kidney disease occurs in five stages and symptoms can be anything from excessive urination to back pain and inflammation on the extreme scale. 

Early signs may include, but aren't limited to:

  • muscle cramps
  • trouble when urinating
  • fatigue
  • puffy eyes
  • lower back pain 

If you are experiencing a combination of such symptoms, getting a checkup and a professional opinion is probably the way to go. When detected early, kidney disease can be easier to address.   

How can I  Improve Kidney Function Naturally? 

This is a question that those of us who are struggling withchronic kidney disease symptoms often ask ourselves. One reason for this is because if you’re suffering fromchronic kidney disease, that also means your body’s ability to metabolize drugs will be severely reduced.

According to anarticle published by the National Library of Medicine, there is significant evidence to show that this in turn increases the risk of adverse drug reactions. 

So, coming back to the question;can kidney function be improved naturally? Yes fortunately – it can.    

What are 7 Ways to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy Naturally? 

What helps kidneys to function better? The first thing that comes to mind here is habits and actions that will help keep your kidneys healthy in the long run.

Healthy kidneys = better kidney function.

As discussed earlier, strong medication is not the answer when it comes to reviving a diseased kidney. We’re going to elaborate on seven natural ways that you canimprove and support normal kidney function.

These include:  

  1. Proper Hydration 
  2. Getting Regular Exercise 
  3. Reduction of Alcohol Intake 
  4. Being Physically Mindful  
  5. Quitting Smoking 
  6. Maintaining a Healthy Diet 
  7. Using the RightKidney Supplements 

Yes, repairing a diseased kidney or returning your kidney function to normal is a process that could take time and consistency. That said, the pointers mentioned above and elaborated on below should help give you a sense of what you could do to start on your road to kidney recovery! 

1. Proper Hydration 

It is extremely important to make sure you’re well hydrated at all times if you’re someone who is struggling with chronic kidney illness. This is because water is what facilitates the process of nutrition transport to the kidneys. It also flushes out accumulated waste material that can be toxic in the form of urine.  

Though a generalrule of thumb for hydration when it comes to the average person is to consume a minimum of anywhere between four and six cups of water on a daily basis.

That said, the amount of water you should consume may vary if you are suffering from kidney disease or any other illness. Keeping this in mind, it is best to consult with your physician about how much water you need to drink daily in order to remain properly hydrated.  

2. Getting Regular Exercise  

In the world of medicine, the importance of regular exercise is something that cannot be stressed enough. Exercise offers usseveral benefits among with better overall circulation and organ function.

Assources suggest, the reason exercise is helpful when it comes to maintaininghealthy kidney function is that it helps keep both diabetes and a range of cardiovascular illnesses in check.  

Find a form of exercise that suits your levels of stamina and your physical ability. You can go for things like regular cardio, weight training if you can manage it, or even forms of yoga.

In any case, that regular workout will not only raise endorphin levels, it will also help ensure your kidney and other organs remain as healthy as possible. 

3. Reduction of Alcohol Intake 

There is a plethora of problems both physical and otherwise that can be solved by reducing the amount of alcohol you consume. For those struggling with chronic kidney diseases in particular, excessive or unchecked alcohol consumption can sometimes even be lethal.    

Further, it is no secret that frequent alcohol consumption is known to be capable of causingkidney damage.

Alcohol also tends to dehydrate the system which is the opposite of what one should do in order to naturally improve kidney function. For this reason, reducing one’s alcohol intake is strongly recommended.

By the same yard stick, heavy coffee drinkers are also advised to take their consumption amounts down a notch as like alcohol, coffee also tends to dehydrate the body.  

4. Being Physically Mindful  

People who have healthy bodies and organs may not need to be overcautious about what is going on within, however, being attentive to yourself is never a bad thing. If you’re someone who is older or someone who is struggling with any kind of illness, it helps to keep a check on what’s going on within.  

Whether or not you’re diabetic, keep track of your blood sugar levels. Kidney disease may lead to a change in your diet, a loss of appetite, and also low blood sugar levels.

If you suffer from any kind of cardiac complications or hypertension, making sure you keep a check on your blood pressure is also recommended. 

In short, make sure whatever you need to do in order to track what is going on with your body functions and organs internally as this will help you take any action needed to reduce the stress on your kidneys.  

5. Quitting Smoking  

Cigarettes stopped being cool a long time ago – in fact, our understanding of the sheer pointlessness and resulting damages of cigarette smoking today is clearer than ever before. Despite this, some of us, especially those who have been smoking since the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, still find it hard to kick the habit.  

Smoking has already been proven to be acause of renal disease according to the National Institute of Health.

Smoking constricts blood vessels, increases blood pressure, and even interferes with your kidney’s natural hormone production and release mechanisms.

It actually does the opposite ofsupporting normal kidney function. If you’re struggling with chronic kidney disease, smoking less or not at all is probably a good idea! 

6. Maintaining a Healthy Diet 

Like exercise and the reduction of one’s cigarette and alcohol intake, maintaining a healthy diet is important whether you’re struggling with chronic kidney disease or not. If you are however, the significance of this is multiplied tenfold.  

You have several food types that are recommended to those suffering from kidney disease which according tosources include:

  • foods that are high in Vitamin C
  • probiotics
  • fatty fish that is high in Omega-3 (all fish is not recommended)
  • sweet potatoes, and
  • leafy greens. 

Fruits like apples for their acidic properties and berries for their anti-oxidant properties are also on the list. According to research, cranberries in particular offer profound benefits to those struggling with kidney diseases and are also helpful for urinary tract infections.  


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7. Using the Right Kidney Supplements 

Identifying healthy and safe options when it comes to both medication andsupplements to improve kidney function can sometimes be tricky. It is important to run any changes to your daily intake of nutrients etc. by your physician before getting started on a course of supplements. It is also important to identify the right brands that offer reliable products.  

Here at Pure Premium Supplements, we offer our customers a range of reliable supplements which are especially designed to help address certain health issues.

Premium Kidney Support supplements are FDA approved containing herbs, natural ingredients, and a cranberry extract.


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Thebenefits of kidney supplements include efficient nutrient delivery and improved and healthy kidney function among other things.

If you’re someone who is finding it hard to keep up with the right nutrient requirement tosupport healthy kidney function via your daily diet, these supplements are ideal. 


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How to Support Normal Kidney Function: The Upshot 

The methods above in combination should help keep you and your kidneys healthy and functioning as well as possible.

Always remember to take on professional guidance before you make any changes to your diet or lifestyle and remember that when it comes to chronic illness, a slow, steady and consistent approach can be a good idea!  

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